ANC Discipleship Training School (DTS) at Lake View Terrace, California seeks to bring you into a more relationship with God. It also gives you an opportunity to find your passions and your part in God’s purposes for the world. It is for those who long to follow Jesus in new ways with a different perspective.

The course consists of three parts: lecture phase, small group phase and outreach phase. In the lecture phase, you will learn more about God and His world. The small group activities are carried out in intercessory prayer times, lecture discussions and sharing and submit assignments. The outreach phase focuses on applying what you learned in the classroom through an intense, cross-cultural experience.


24기 간사훈련 2018

1달 동안 열심히 훈련받으신 간사님들… 수고 많으셨습니다. 다음주 부터 시작해서 16주 동안 학생들을 위해 중보기도하시며 섬겨주실 24기 간사님들입니다. 사랑하고 축복합니다♡♡♡       READ MORE

2018 24기 학생 모집

2018년도 제24기  ANC DTS 제자훈련학교 학생모집 (저녁반)      * 일시 : 2018년 2월 4일 부터 6월 12일                 – 2월 4일 개강      ... READ MORE

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